Cracking the GR Code

Hello friend and fellow traveler,

Welcome to our online mystery school bring forth materials known as Golden XPR (sometimes referred to as the Path of eXPiRe).  This course, Cracking the GR Code,  outlines the very code of life itself.

You can view the first 3 episodes free of charge and even anonymously if you like.  To do so, begin by clicking the link to the right entitled “GR Code – Episode 1“.    



  • Solo. Internet., 9 modules / 1-2 hours each
  • First 3 episodes free.


  • None

Course Inquiry:

  • WHY am I not completely Peaceful in my Giving and Receiving?


  • UnderStanding mind, time, sex and money

Course Information

Estimated Time: 8-12 hours

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The first 3 modules are free

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